“I am an associate professor of Library & Information Science and a regular client of Brad Allard’s proofreading service. I have many MA and doctoral students from Hong Kong, China, and Japan—and we have been using Brad’s proofreading service since 2015, as we publish in different peer-reviewed international SSCI-indexed journals on a regular basis, including The Journal of Academic Librarianship, Journal of Librarianship and Information Science (JOLIS), and Library Hi-Tech (LHT).

Brad’s proofreading service is fast, affordable, professional, and reliable! I highly recommend him to anyone who wishes to publish in reputable scholarly journals and academic presses, particularly in Library Science.”
—Patrick L., associate professor


Here are some of the clients I work with:
Cornell University Press
The American Psychological Association
Hurst Publishers
University of South Carolina Press
Edward Elgar Publishing
Newgen Knowledgeworks
Westchester Publishing Services
Technica Editorial Services
PETT Fox, Inc
Octane Press