About Me

I am a Kentucky-based freelance academic copyeditor, proofreader and indexer. My first experience in proofreading books and scholarly works came when I studied abroad in Japan, where a professor in the library science department asked me for help proofreading his first book manuscript. While I was finishing my Master’s in Library Science degree, I continued helping a team of library science scholars in East Asia with their journal articles and book projects. This experience motivated me to further hone my editing abilities and continue expanding my client base in the academic publishing industry. In addition to individual scholars, I now work with various academic presses as a freelancer.

After a few years of editorial work, I took the book indexing course at Simon Fraser University, which equipped me with knowledge and experience in indexing nonfiction texts. With this service, I read through your text, pick out important details in the manuscript, and include them in the index. Whether you are an individual author, press, or packager, I can help with back-of-the-book indexing. See below for my specialties.

My background in academia has prepared me for my work in editing scholarly manuscripts and journal articles. I have a BA in English, an MA in Japanese Language and Literature, and a Master’s in Library and Information Science. Over the years, I have had the opportunity to publish articles in journals such as College & Research Libraries, the Journal of Academic Librarianship, and the Journal of Librarianship and Information Science. I can work with a variety of documents, including books, journal articles, admissions essays, CVs and resumes, theses and dissertations, business documents, and more! I can even help with localization (especially for works translated from Japanese into English).

I have a wide range of subject specializations in the humanities and social sciences, including (but not limited to):

Asian Studies (particularly Japan, but also Asia in general)
Library Science/Museum Studies
Food and Drink History/Culture
Literary Studies
Art/Art History
Popular Culture
and more!

I am very easy to work with, deadline-oriented, and familiar with numerous style guides. I mainly work with the Chicago Manual of Style for books, but I am also proficient in APA, MLA, and Harvard styles.